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Opening Doors: An Introduction

Depositphotos_20843561_sMy relationship with all things real estate seems as natural to me as breathing. I am a second generation real estate agent and REALTOR and have been involved in real estate in some way, shape, or form since I was seven years old. As a child, I was fascinated with the all of the many styles, colors, and textures of homes inside and out. I was also able to witness the power of transformation: seeing a desolate property rehabbed into a wonderful, livable space is amazing. Being exposed to individuals and families living in every imaginable condition – from prince to pauper – gave me an awareness for people and their conditions that I continue to take to heart today.

It is my sincere belief that I was placed on Earth to help make people, places, and things better. Over 20 years in process improvement and banking operations, with a little real estate thrown in here and there have allowed me to realize my true calling. Real estate became a full-time endeavor five years ago, and I have never looked back!

Five years ago, I had just completed 12 months of “doing something that I always wanted to do.” I learned to fly, went back to my high school as principal for a day, traveled to Italy and to Mexico, and accomplished so many other things. I met people I would have never met, went places I probably would have never gone, and definitely did things I would not have otherwise done (not to mention ate things that I would NEVER have eaten)! That year showed me that I was an integral part of a big world! I knew that I could do anything – and so I did – I stepped out on faith and changed careers.

One of first things I learned about stepping out on faith is that it is a challenge. You have to keep the momentum going. That “I can do anything” feeling will eventually start to fade, because, even when you are doing well, the everyday becomes the everyday…

Back in late February/early March, Elizabeth Sopko, of First Merit Bank and Cindy Speth, of Metro-II Realty approached me about participating in an event called Dancing with the Realtors. The event is patterned after ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and is hosted annually by the Women’s Council of Realtors, Columbus Chapter. I had never been to the event, never watched an episode of Dancing with the Stars, and believe me, I would never place myself in the category of dancer. I said “sure,” not knowing exactly what I was signing up for – I figured a few dance lessons – a chance to do something different and get in a little exercise – why not?

Seven weeks, three pairs of shoes, and one rose hair pin later, I was on the dance floor in front of a room full of peers, industry partners, and friends Salsa dancing to Aterciopelados’ Manana with Fred Astaire Dance Studio pro Zach Lurue. It was scary, it was exhilarating, and it was fun! But most of all, it was freeing. I again had that feeling of being able to do absolutely anything. I was completely and totally outside of my comfort zone, and I did it with style and a smile! Check out Zach and I at Dancing with the Realtors.

The experience made me think: what’s next?
And you are probably asking…what does any of this have to do with real estate?

Let me try to explain – I have basically stayed away from social media since its inception. Now, I’ve decided to take the plunge. Here I am-blogging-and my goal is to provide information to educate and empower readers in their quest for answers about real estate-related matters. I want to “open the doors” to real estate, so to speak.

So, whether you are thinking about selling or buying a home, interested in building a real estate investment portfolio, or considering a career in real estate, there will be something here for you. My desire is that along the way I will connect with great people, that you will learn something that will assist you with a decision (or decisions) about real estate, and that I, in turn, will learn from you.

Thank you for reading my first post…

Posted by: Buffie on May 27, 2014
Posted in: Real Estate