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Becoming More Than a Sign

MTJAS SignWhenever I put a sign in a yard, I can’t help but feel a bit of excitement. Being able to provide a service to homeowners and potential homebuyers is gratifying. Each sign represents some of the most important aspects of my business such as its name, Eden Regento, my contact information, and even how to find out more information online. In that sense, each sign not only represents my business; it represents me. I recognize that when people see my name and the name of my real estate consultancy, they will also wonder if they’ve heard of me before, how well my business is run, and if I have a good reputation in the real estate community. I’ve learned that to get the most from a sign, I have to move beyond it.

Perform community service

There are several reasons why most corporations and professional organizations make a commitment to community service. It is important for communities to know that businesses care about investing in and improving neighborhoods. It also feels great knowing that you can make a difference. Popular service projects for real estate agents include school fundraisers, neighborhood cleanup days and home improvement activities. The point is not to do things only for the sake of business. Find those things you are passionate about and pour yourself into them.

Attend or sponsor neighborhood events

Many neighborhoods are vibrant hubs of activity. One glance at a local newspaper or quick search online will reveal numerous opportunities to become involved. Sponsoring charities, sport teams and events such as block parties, garage sales, or community fundraisers will provide assistance to communities and help you and your company gain name recognition. Also consider encouraging potential homebuyers or new residents to get involved; it’s an excellent way to make new friends and learn about the neighborhood.

Join business and neighborhood organizations

Realtors® may be the competition, but they are also the connection. Plus, realtors should not be strangers in the localities they serve. Therefore, it is imperative to join area associations and neighborhood organizations. Once you join, become involved by participating in meetings and serving on boards. Learning about a community, its residents, and its history will expand your knowledge and your connections. Finally, networking with fellow real estate agents is a necessity and is key to the collaboration that must ultimately occur to successfully complete real estate transactions.

Once you begin making connections, sustaining them is a vital part of becoming more than a sign. Maintain your network by keeping a schedule of events and organization meetings and by planning to attend them on a regular basis. Becoming more than just a sign means reaching out beyond the confines of real estate offices and open houses. It means making a sincere and concerted effort to be a part of the greater community.

Posted by: Buffie on June 12, 2014
Posted in: Real Estate