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Love the Home You’re With!

Love The Home You're With

It was love at first sight. You couldn’t wait to get your keys at the closing and pass the threshold of your happily-ever-after home. The passing of time may have caused you to start looking for something new, but your home still needs you. There are times when purchasing a new home is necessary, but there are other times with it is best to love the home you’re with.

Don’t Wait Until Spring

We’ve all heard the term “Spring Cleaning.” It may still be cold outside, but it is also the perfect time to clean and organize the interior spaces of your home. Closets are perfect targets for winter cleaning. Clear out shoes and clothing that you don’t wear anymore. Charities will appreciate gently-used donations. Installing closet organization systems can free up space in closets and give them an updated appearance.

Bathroom and kitchen cabinets can also benefit from a good winter cleansing. Look for outdated food and personal products. Dispose of them appropriately. If you have a collection of plastic bags or other recyclable materials, now is the time to make sure they’re on their way to being put to good use elsewhere.

Quick and Simple Renovations

Although the cost of major renovations can make that dream kitchen seem out of reach, you can still show your home you care with minor makeovers. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders on walls. A new color scheme or design can make an old room appear new. Instead of spending a lot of money on a new couch or chairs, inexpensive decorative rugs, pillows, and slipcovers can accomplish the same goal at a fraction of the cost. Adding household accents is another way to update room décor. Accents and other accessories will allow you to experiment with fresh and exciting trends.

Benefit from the Slow Season

If you have been avoiding a major repair, winter months may be the best time to give your home the healing touch of a professional. Winter months are slower months for many fields within the construction and maintenance industry. Painters, plumbers, and other home services contractors will have more availability to complete repairs. Some contractors even offer deals to entice customers and help their bottom line. Instead of delaying a much-needed fix until the spring and summer, take advantage of this time to escape the wait.

Ready to show your home some love? Real estate agents at Eden Regento may be able to help you love the home you’re with. Contact us today at our website, email us at, or call us at (614) 902-3969.

Posted by: Buffie on February 15, 2016
Posted in: Real Estate